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How we work

We work green!

We work only digitally. We can of course help you with a transition from paper to being digital (and Yes, even those of you who love paper can quickly fall in love with working digitally). This not only means a profit for the environment but usually frees up time for you so that you can focus on your core business.

We work with high quality!

All employees are chartered accounting consultants. We make sure that each assignment is handled in accordance with REX, Sweden's industry standard for accounting assignments. We ensure that we have the necessary competencies to perform all our assignments in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

We work on processes!

We work towards a LEAN philosophy, where we are constantly looking for efficiencies. We try to use automation, scanning and AI-interpretation services, bank integrations and more.

We work with you in focus!

We value the highest level of knowledge in financial management so that we can, as a natural step in connection with the performance of our other services, deliver useful advice that helps you maximize your results.

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Customer invoices

You create customer invoices yourself or get help from us and submit documentation for the invoicing. We inform about any overdue customer invoices and You decide how we will act. Payments are posted automatically through bank integration. ROT / RUT is easily applied for via a file from the financial system.

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Supplier invoices

Supplier invoices are sent directly to the financial system by the suppliers, where they are interpreted automatically. On a specific day each week, incoming invoices from the last week are handled and they are posted for certification. You have one week to certify these invoices (or seek correction from supplier). The following week, all certified invoices for payment are sent to the bank. You certify the payment file at the bank. Payments are posted automatically through bank integration.


Receipts and other documents

You take photos of all receipts directly in your mobile. If you have many receipts, we will connect a suppementary module so that your purchases are posted automatically.



Your employees report online. You certify the documentation and a draft of the pay slips is created. You will receive another certificate before the pay slips are published. Salaries are paid via file. You certify the salary file at the bank. Payments are reported back automatically.



We ensure that all VAT and employer declarations are submitted on time. We also ensure that your company's and your private income tax return is declared and paid on time to the Swedish Tax Agency.

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Financial statements & Annual Report

We plan your annual report together and MintGreen ensures that it is submitted to the Swedish Companies Registration Office in good time.

A typical workflow

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