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Company formations

Do it right from the start and get help starting your own company. 

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Current accounting

We tailor a solution that suits you. We help with:

  • current accounting,

  • customer invoicing and reminder management,

  • supplier invoice management,

  • payments,

  • VAT and employer declarations,

  • ROT / RUT applications,

  • reconciliations,

  • and monthly accounts.

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Salaries & Personnel Administration

We handle salaries for sole proprietorships as well as larger companies with personnel-intensive operations. We prepare salaries based on time reports. After certification, payment documents are sent to the bank and a pay slip to the employees.

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Financial statements & Annual Report

End the financial year correctly and submit your annual report to the Swedish Companies Registration Office in time with our help. We maintain contact with your auditor. Submitting a Report on the annual report from an chartered accounting consultant increases your company's creditworthiness.

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We prepare the company tax return but also your private income tax return including K10. With our expertise in co-owner taxation, you can count on being able to plan your results in an optimal way for tax purposes.

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Financial management

We work as consultants because we believe in having a deep collaboration based on our ambition to support our customers in their development through financial management. It can be anything from warning of a rising cost item or that a trade receivable has fallen due, to setting goals for business-unique KPIs. We are happy to help develop a profit and liquidity budget.

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Company issues

We are ready to help you with all your questions concerning your company. For example, we can assist in:

  • creating shareholder agreements,

  • provide business and tax advice in connection with acquisitions and various restructurings,

  • carry out various restructurings,

  • amend the Articles of Association.

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Welcome in for a cup of coffee to discuss a possible collaboration!

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